How to Sharpen a Utility Knife Blade – Step by Step Guide

Do you know how to sharpen a utility knife blade? If you don’t know, this article would be helpful for you. Buying the best utility knives is important too. We have selected this topic because some utility knife users yet don’t know how to sharpen a utility knife blade. Sharpening a utility knife is very easy. If you have already read how to sharpen a carpet knife, it would be easier for you to learn this too. What I need, what to do, how to do, a lot of questions might be spinning in your head, but believe me, once you see the steps, they would be really easy-peasy for you.

Well, if you are quite reluctant to sharpen a utility knife blade, you will have to learn how to change a utility knife blade. Though sharpening a utility knife blade can be a tricky job, nevertheless, it becomes so easy if you try it once. But unfortunately, if you don’t get it right, you can eventually end up damaging the knife blade as well. So DIY ability as well as appropriate tools are required. The good news is with some particular tools and equipment, with the right technique and tips, and some little effort, sharpening a utility blade would be a very easy job that you can easily do by yourself.

How to Sharpen a Utility Knife Blade

As we have mentioned this is an easy job to sharpen a utility knife blade. What you need to do is follow some simple steps. Even if you are a starter, you can perform the job with perfection. So, follow the steps.

The things you will require:

  • Whetstone
  • Utility Knife Blade
  • A Wooden Frame to Hold Tight the Stone
  • Flat Surface or Flat Board
  • Water or other Lubricant
  • Towel

Step 1:

First of all, place the Whetstone on the wooden frame and a towel under the frame so that the stone is firm in its position and doesn’t slide it away. Now put the utility knife blade on the Whetstone to sharpen. And yes, keep some water beside you so that you can use it when necessary. Now you are ready to go to the next step.

Step 2:

Now, start stroking with a slow-motion maintaining the angle 20-30 degrees. Though some experts mention 17-20 degrees angle provide the best result. However, you will know once you start it. The stroking must be an up and down motion with a continuous process. You should check sometimes whether it is working or not.

Step 3:

While you are sharpening a knife using a stone, it is highly recommended to use water or other lubricants in order to work it smoothly and properly. The lubricants usually maintain the cut edge. This also helps to keep the knife blade sharp, smooth, and plain. Dull blades seem chewed up.

Step 4:

Continue sharpening the blade. Clean it sometimes with soft tissue paper or a towel. Add water if needed. And check the sharpness.

Step 5:

Now is the time to test the blade whether it’s been sharpened enough or not. Well, collect a piece of paper and try to cut it through. See what happens. If the blade is able to cut the paper smoothly, your blade is sharpened enough.

If you think, it is not enough sharp yet, you should continue sharpening the blade until you reach your desired level of sharpness.

And then again cut the paper and check whether it reached the optimum level of your desire or not. If it is ok, that is great.

Congratulations! You have successfully sharpened a knife on a sharpening stone.

So, you have already learned how to sharpen a knife on a sharpening stone. An added information is that using a whetstone guarantees your utility knife blade sharp as ever. An old adage never goes wrong that “practice makes a man perfect”. So the more you try to use it, the better you will find it effective.

What Is A Utility Knife Blade Used For?

A utility knife is an essential tool in our daily life. From engineering construction jobs to home use, a utility knife is widely used. The usage field of a utility knife is huge. You can use this utility knife blade in the field of engineering construction, interior decoration, office supplies, daily life, home use, art craft, construction sites, and so many other places.

However, if you ask what can a utility knife blade cut?

Well, there are many materials that a utility knife can cut without any problems. Anyways, materials like carpet, paper, rope, rubber hoses, PVC, leather, fabric, Sheetrock, cardboard, drywall, vinyl, flooring, and so much more.

So, in a word, you can use this multi-purpose utility knife as a work knife, carton cutter, construction knife, cardboard cutter tool, carpet knife, box opener tool, carpet cutter tool, carton box opener, and so on.

What Can I Use Around The House To Sharpen A Knife?

Coffee Mug – A coffee mug is the first and primary option to use as a material to sharpen a knife blade. How a coffee mug? Well, the bottom of the mug can help sharpen the knife. If you don’t have anything around you especially a sharpening stone, you can work with the coffee mug. It would work well.

Leather Belt – A leather belt is a commonly used material for sharpening a knife. What you need to do is follow the same process and maintain the same angle. Actually, the angle of stroking the blade is important. The motion of pulling blades is important too.

Sandpaper – The next one to sharpen a knife is sandpaper. These are like any other coarse abrasives that can help sharpen the knife. Again, following the right angle and motion of stroking would be the key to sharpening your blade properly.

Nail File – The nail file is no different from sandpaper because it has an identical level of coarseness too. This helps to sharpen your utility knife blade.

Nylon Strap – I know it is really hard to agree that how can a nylon strap help sharpen a knife blade. But, truly it does. However, you can make it work by putting the nylon strap on a smooth surface like glass. Then use your technique and sharpen the knife blade properly.

Cardboard – It is no wonder that cardboard can also work to sharpen a knife blade. One of the drawbacks of this material is that it takes too much time to sharpen the utility knife blade due to its softness.

A Wood Piece– When you are not finding anything, a wood piece can save the day. It is an amazing material that can sharpen your knife blade. Just take your time, maintain the angle, and use some sand if needed. Stroke and reverse stroke and your knife would be sharpened as expected.

Concrete Floor– Well, if no other option is left in your hand, the concrete floor is the best option for you right now. It is a low-quality whetstone but believes me, it will get the job done. Use some water, maintain the proper angle, stroke a slow motion, and complete the process taking your time. This must work.

Frequently Asked Questions (How to Sharpen a Utility Knife Blade)

1. What’s the best thing to sharpen a knife with?

Truthfully be told, a Whetstone is the best thing to sharpen a knife with. Even if you ask this question to an expert, he will answer the same.

2. Can I sharpen utility knife blades?

Of course, you can. In fact, you should sharpen your utility knife blade from time to time so that it doesn’t get the chance to get rusted and blunted. Besides, sharpening the knife blade prolongs the durability. In addition, it saves you money from buying stacks of blade packs.

3. Do you have to sharpen a utility knife all the time?

No, it is not like that. You just have to sharpen your utility knife blade when you see it not quite sharp. You don’t need to sharpen every day or frequently. You will know when to sharpen the utility knife blade if you use the blade.

4. What is the correct way of sharpening a utility knife blade?

Well, the correct way of sharpening a utility knife blade is by using a Whetstone. Do you know why? A whetstone takes away very little metal to reshape the blade to its original shape. Once you use the whetstone, you will start loving it. You can know more from here.

Final Words

Sharpening a utility knife blade is essential when the blade is not sharp enough. Either you sharpen it or change the blade. Sharpening a knife blade will make you no cost while changing a blade needs money. So, knowing once how to sharpen a utility knife blade can save you money. It is exciting to work to do. We have tried our level best to cover all aspects here. If you have any questions about the topic of how to sharpen a utility knife blade, you can reach out to us.

If you like this article, we will try to write on how to sharpen a knife with a whet stone, how to sharpen a knife using a stone, how to sharpen a knife on a sharpening stone, how to sharpen a knife properly, and others. It is a great pleasure to provide helpful and useful articles.

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