How to Change Retractable Blade – Step by Step Guide

“How to Change Retractable Blade” is still a very common and important question from the users’ side. Over time your box cutter blade becomes dull, rusted, or even sometimes breaks off. If this happens to you, you need to install a new box cutter blade as a replacement one. During this process, be cautious enough while you are dealing with a sharp blade replacement. So, let’s now learn how to change retractable blade. It will be an exciting journey. Try to stay with us.

The steps of how to change retractable blade

Step 1:

unscrew the casingof the knife
1. Unscrew the Casing

First, unscrew the case of the box cutter. Any screwdriver can be used to unscrew it.

Step 2:

Separate casing by simply pulling apart both halves
2. Separate the Casing

Now separate the casing simply by pulling apart both halves. They won’t be able to separate until the screws are completely unscrewed. Sometimes, the plastic casing is struck too much that you need some effort to separate them.

Step 3:

At step three, you need to take out the blade holder by using the pull tab with maximum cautiousness and then set it on the table or any flat materials.

And then, remove the blade very carefully sliding it out of the holder. Remember, you need to stay alert with the maximum level because you are handling one of the most razor-sharp blades.

Step 4:

What you need to do now is replace the old blade with the new one in the blade holder.

After replacing the blade, you are to now place the blade holder back into the casing using the pull tab to hold it.

Step 5:

Since you have already successfully replaced the blade, you should add some grease or coconut oil to the pull tab and other mechanisms to work the knife better and smoother.

Once you are done oiling, use soft tissue paper or a dry cloth to spread the grease around the sliding mechanism. Make sure the grease reached every important corner or vital part. Rub smoothly and make it work perfectly.

Step 6:

Now take both the halves and put them back together. Be careful while snapping the two parts making into one. Sometimes, you cannot make them together if the casing is stuck somewhere. So, make sure they are perfectly back together without any obstruction.

Well, you have done well by getting the two halves together, and now place the screw back into the hole while holding the casing together.

Step 7:

You now have to use Stanley or any other screwdriver that fits with the screws with the knife to screw the casing back together.

Make sure the screws you put back together are tight enough so that the knife works properly. If the screws are loose, accidents may happen.

However, to ensure proper placement of the blade, test the mechanism by sliding the blade out and back in again.

If it works smoothly and perfectly, congratulations to you that you have successfully installed a new blade of a utility knife.

Do I need to know the components to replace a retractable blade?

Knowing all the parts or components of a retractable blade is good. While you are going to change retractable blade, it is essential to know the names of the components. So, yes, identifying the box cutter components is important.

However, there are only five components to a utility knife. They are:

  1. The handle
  2. Screws
  3. Blades
  4. The blade housing, and
  5. The pack of replacement blades

You already know what a handle, blade, and screw are. Now you need to know what blade housing is. Well, once you open the casing of the knife, you can remove the blade housing and blade from the knife.

Just make sure, when you reach this point you pay undivided attention to how the knife sits in the housing. However, after noting this you can remove the knife from the housing and dispose of it safely.

How do I change the blade on my DWHT10035 folding utility knife?

Well, changing a blade from a utility knife is very easy. What you need most is skillfully and carefully handling of the procedure. If you want to change the blade of your DWHT10035 folding utility knife, you can just follow the steps.

Step 1: first what you should do is open the knife and slide the blade lock all the way out.

Step 2: now, just press and hold the button on the left side of the knife.

Step 3: use a plier to pull the old blade out.

Step 4: you can use some oil or grease to make the mechanism smooth

Step 5: install the new blade in reverse order.

Step 6: screw them back and test if everything is ok or not.

Congratulations! You have now successfully completed changing the new blade on your DWHT10035 folding utility knife.

How Do I Change a Blade in a Retractable Utility Knife?

You may already know retractable utility knives come in various sizes, shapes, styles, and designs. Most retractable utility knives have spare blades that are secured inside the handle. However, you can purchase extra blades from different sources. One thing you can’t go wrong is you have to make sure to purchase the same type of blade that came with your retractable utility knife. It doesn’t matter even if the replacement was made by a different manufacturer.

Changing Process of the Blade

Keep the utility knife on a table and unscrew all the screws to expose the used blade. Separate the casing by pulling it apart in order to take the used blade out of the position. The used blade has still the potential to injure you so be extra cautious when you are dealing with it. Now set the used blade aside and take a new one from the package or the handle. Taking the new blade insert it into the proper position. However, you can use a plier to pull the blade in and out.

Make sure that the blade is set properly on any sliding elements to which the old blade was attached. Now, you need to dispose of the used blade. So, the best trick is to place it in the handle with the extra sharp blades. This simple trick will keep it secure until you can dispose of it properly.

Again, re-assure the handle by either tightening down the screw or closing it per the manufacturer’s instructions. Well, the new blade of your retractable knife has been installed successfully and the utility knife is ready to go back to work.

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Final Words

Have you learned something about how to change retractable blade in this article? Well, we have tried to show with images so that you can understand clearly and perfectly. There is no vague in our teaching steps on how to change retractable blade. You can install a new replacement blade without anybody’s help. If you don’t understand the first time how to change retractable blade, read it multiple times and try the process out. Hope you won’t be disappointed. Know more from here.

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