What Happened to First Edge Knives [Analyzed Answers]

First Edge Knives. What happened to first edge knives is a big question to everyone’s mind. Perhaps you need to think and analyze more about it. Another question – what happened to the first edge knives in history? All these questions make a final question that is first edge knives out of business? Well, we are going to cover the topic of what happened to first edge knives along with some important information that you should know. We will also discuss the history of the First Edge Knives.

First Edge Knives

The first edge knife, towards the end of the 20th century, was incredibly popular to the people. Due to its sharpness and design, the first edge knife became an essential tool and everybody’s favorite overnight. This knife was very versatile and was good at cutting, chopping, slicing, dicing, mincing, and so many purposes. Besides, these knives were also used for hunting, camping, traveling, and others.

Since the knife was so popular, what happened to first edge knives? Does it exist yet? Maybe or maybe not. However, we will analyze it in later paragraphs. You might find it in marketplaces or nearby any good tool shop if you are lucky. Just kidding! Actually, nothing happened to the first edge knives, people just only stopped buying these knives as they simply were not ready to buy with such a high price. But why? Well, when you can get a good and quality product at the same or lower price than that of first edge knives, it is unnecessary to buy the knife at such a high price.

There are many unanswered questions spinning in our heads. However, let’s dig deeper if we can find out more about it. I think, once you read this whole article, you will get most of the answers you are looking for.

What Happened to First Edge Knives

Most knife users are about to forget the name of first edge knives. However, some researchers believe that the FirstEdge Knives are almost gone for good. Then, is it true that is first edge knives out of business? They can hardly be found in the market. It was very tough for them to continue competing with others.

For making you understand clearly we will discuss this topic in 3 Phases; History, Popularity, and Downfall. And then you will perfectly understand the reasons for its downfall.

Phase 1: History of the First Edge Knives

The First Edge knife started its journey in the year 1800. So long time before. It is more than 200 years from now. However, the first edge knives were used for multipurpose tasks then. So, the starting journey was not that bad towards the beginning. The knives are specially designed for crafting, cutting wood, chopping vegetables and so many purposes. After passing two centuries, expecting the same demand it was before is unwise. So, adapting to the ages is important. If anyone cannot pace up with others, they will fall behind.

However, almost two centuries later, towards the 1980s and 1990s, First Edge Knives became so popular in the market due to its unique design and lack of availability of knives. Harles Elishewitz was the man who designed and created this first edge knife. He also wanted to make the knife for both sharing and security.

The First Edge knife is also known as Variable Angle Serration which you may have already heard. I believe a lot of people know this knife by this name. The knife couldn’t evolve along with time and this is why it was falling down gradually.

Phase 2: The Popularity of the First Edge Knives

Popularity begets new designs, styles, and new features. The creator of the first edge knives wanted to make something different so that everybody likes this knife. After a long effort, he was able to modify and enhanced a new featured knife that was undoubtedly much stronger and sharper. Well, everything was okay but one thing. He slipped the matter off of his brain though it was one of the most important considerable factors. That was the price.

After the modification, first edge knives became unique, super portable, strong and sharp, and multifunctional. These awesome features made the product popular at that time. People welcomed those new changes but they were not ready to pay for the higher price. It was a big mistake for them and the downfall counted down.

Phase 3: The downfall of the First Edge Knives

So, what brought the new features and higher cost of the product? Yes, downfall. How? Well, don’t hasten. Have patience.

After the year 2000, the popularity of first edge knives started to plummet and the downward line graph indicated its downfall. Think, 1980 and 2000 aren’t the same anymore. Between these times, the world has changed unimaginably. The economy, marketing, and business strategy have gone too far. This time was the fastest-changing time in the history of the world. Yes, the world is still changing discovering and inventing new fields and ideas but at that time, it was a revolutionary change.

However, people realized one thing the price is too high to afford. This was the first stage to start the downfall. And later on, there were many competitors marketing their knives in the market which were affordable, cheaper, ergonomically designed, quality steel, good grip, non-slip handles, and so many features. So, while consumers could easily buy such an amazing knife at a cheaper price, why would they go after that costly knife? As the first edge knife, the other knives were unique, sharp, and easily portable.

So, popularity stays with time if you are able to satisfy them. This is why, considering every aspect you should analyze and research the product, and if it is user-friendly in terms of use and price, launching a product would be wise, otherwise not.

In a word, due to overpricing or the high-rated price of first edge knives, it is almost dead now.

So, we can deduce, first edge knives were choked up for mainly 3 reasons. They are:

  1. Highly expensive/ overpriced
  2. Too many competitors
  3. Lacking of adjustment with time

So, what do you think about this? Now if anyone asks you what happened to first edge knives, or is first edge knives out of business, or what happened to first edge knives in history, what would be your answers?

FirstEdge Brand

FirstEdge Knives have been designed in partnership with US Special Forces. They were being used then for both deployment and training exercises. Knives from First Edge are made with superior ELMAX Blade Steel. The steel used in the blade is hardened to 60-61HRC which is very standard and long-lasting razor sharp. This superior steel ensures high wear resistance, superior corrosion resistance, high compressive strength, and excellent dimensional stability that retains size and form under heavy, rugged use. The products have ultra-strong G-10 Handles.

In addition, the folding knives of the first edge brand feature an incredibly strong Patented TrackLock Locking Mechanism that works fast and safe one-handed operation. Most importantly, the first edge comes with a lifetime warranty.

Some Best FirstEdge Knives and Their Prices

1. First Edge 5050

What Happened to First Edge Knives First Edge 5050

The First Edge 5050 is a survival-fixed blade. It features superior quality and is highly functional that helps solve real-life problems. The founders of the first edge knives got partnered up with the US special force when they were falling down in the market. The FirstEdge products are made in the USA.

In addition, the FirstEdge’s hefty 5050 Survival Knife was thoughtfully designed with full-tang construction. With the high-grade ELMAX steel with coarse textured G-10 handles, this edge 5050 is truly a survival knife. 

Features & Specifications of First Edge 5050
–         Blade Style: Full Tang Fixed
–         Blade Material: Elmax Steel: 60-61 Hardness
–         Elmax Stainless Steel Blade Thickness: 0.235in.
–         Handle Material: G10 Scales
–         Blade Length: 5.125 inch
–         Overall Length: 11.25 inches
–         Striking Pommel
–         Lanyard Hole
–         Stainless Steel Hex Fasteners
–         Kydex Tri-Composite Sheath

Where we searched for this knife

In every shop, the price of the product shown $228-$350. Ridiculous, right?

2. FirstEdge 6050 Tactical & Survival Knife

First Edge 6050 survival knife

The FirstEdge 6050 tactical skinner hunting and survival knife is a fixed-blade knife that is perfect for military, outdoors, and survival various applications. Unmatched quality of ELMAX Swedish stainless steel, the full-tang, and a 4.375-inch blade is a classic hunting style drop-point. The Rockwell hardness of 60-61 by heat treatment has made this first edge 6050 knife tougher and sturdier. In addition, the stainless steel blade hex fasteners have a black oxide finish.

Features & Specifications of FirstEdge 6050
–         Full Tang Fixed Blade Knife
–         ELMAX Stainless Steel Blade – .170” Thick
–         9.25” Overall Length
–         4.375″ Blade Length
–         Hardened to 60-61 HRC
–         1.00 lb. Packaged Weight / 9.0 oz. Knife Only
–         Flat Ground blade
–         Coarse Textured Black G-10 Handles
–         Striking Pommel
–         Lanyard Hole
–         Stainless Steel Hex Fasteners
–         Black Oxide Finish on Blade & Fasteners
–         Equipped with KYDEX Sheath

Where we searched for this knife

  • Amazon.com – Currently unavailable
  • shopmyexchange.com – Sold Out / Not available
  • Opticsplanet.com – Product Not Found
  • totalemergencysupplies.com.au – Not Found
  • Bladehq.com – Not Found
  • huntervalleytactical.com.au – Out of Stock
  • desertcart.com.om – Currently Out of Stock

Unfortunately, we were unable to find any marketplaces for this first edge 6050 product. The question arises – are first edge knives out of business? Or do FirstEdge still exist?

3. FirstEdge HR1 Concealable Fighting Knife

FirstEdge HR1 concealable fighting knife

First off, FirstEdge HR1 is a concealable fighting knife. The FirstEdge 4050 HR-1 Fighting was one of the finest knives once. It features superior blade steel with superior edge retention, superior corrosion resistance, high compressive strength, and excellent dimensional stability. The First Edge HR1 is a fixed blade for best EDC and personal defense that became extremely popular overnight.

The first edge hr1 is made with ELMAX Steel. In addition, the HR-1 is equipped with a molded Kydex sheath with an IWB pocket clip. However, First edge hr1 is perfect for the primary or backup knife or for commercial use. The FirstEdge HR-1 Fighting Knife was designed for self-defense and as a backup knife. And yes, the first edge hr1 has 2 lanyard holes for neck carry.

Features & Specifications of FirstEdge HR1
–         ELMAX Stainless Steel
–         110 in. Thick
–         7.125 In. Overall Length
–         Hardened to 60-61 HRC
–         Flat Ground Blade
–         Striking Pommel
–         Blade Color: Black (Black Oxide Finish)
–         Blade Edge: Modified-Tanto
–         Fixed Blade Knife
–         Made in the USA

Where we searched for this knife

  • Amazon.com – Currently unavailable
  • shopmyexchange.com – Sold Out / Not available
  • Bladehq.com – Not Found
  • huntervalleytactical.com.au – Out of Stock
  • desertcart.com.om – Currently Out of Stock
  • Opticsplanet.com – Product No Longer Available
  • totalemergencysupplies.com.au – Not Found

The FirstEdge HR1 concealable fighting knife was nowhere found like other FirstEdge knives. The questions still stand – what happens to first edge knives in knife’s, what happened to first edge knives, or what happened to first edge knives in history? You might have got all the answers by now.

4. FirstEdge 5150 Elite Field Knife Fixed Blade

What Happened to First Edge Knives first edge 5150

The First Edge 5050 and the first edge 5150 have great similarities. In fact, they look alike. The design has a bit different between them and the rest of them are almost the same. The building materials like Elmax stainless steel, 60-61HRC blade hardness, Black Oxide, black textured G10, and other features and specifications are the same. First edge 5150 for sale but it is no more. Since the 5150 Elite Field Knife is fixed, it is used as a multipurpose blade. Let’s see the specifications and its features.

Features & Specifications of FirstEdge 5150
–         ELMAX Stainless Steel
–         Fixed Blade
–         Full Tang Construction
–         Striking Pommel
–         Lanyard Hole
–         Stainless Steel Hex Fasteners
–         Blade Length: 5.5″
–         Overall Length: 11″
–         Blade Material: Elmax Stainless Steel
–         Blade Thickness: 0.21″
–         Blade Hardness: 60-61HRC
–         Blade Style: Clip Point
–         Blade Grind: Flat
–         Blade Finish: Black Oxide
–         Handle Material: Black Textured G10
–         Handle Thickness: 0.74″
–         Sheath Material: Molded Kydex
–         Weight: 13.7 oz.
–         Made in the USA

Where we searched for this knife

  • Amazon.com – Currently unavailable
  • worthpoint.com –Not available
  • Bladehq.com – Not Found
  • knifecenter.com – No Longer Available
  • huntervalleytactical.com.au – Out of Stock
  • totalemergencysupplies.com.au – Not Found

The First edge 5150 for sale and 5150 Elite Field Knife Fixed Blade is not found in any marketplace like other siblings. It is now starting to grow my guess into the belief that the FirstEdge knives are no longer available. So the question still remains – what happened to first edge knives?

What Are Some Other First Edge Knives

The first edge brand made many knives at that time to reach people. There were some popular and likable knives they were able to make. Some of them are first edge 6050, FirstEdge HR-1, first edge 5250, first edge 6050, first edge 5150, FirstEdge 1750 Tactical Hunter Automatic Knife Black, FirstEdge 1355 Tracklock Tanto Spring Assisted Knife, FirstEdge 1450-BLB Tracklock Tanto Automatic Knife, and so more. They are once so popular and were for sale but unfortunately, they are now out of the market.

Is first Edge Knives out of Business

Since we cannot find any firstEdge Knives in any online or offline market, it is supposed that the first Edge Knives are now out of the market. When a product cannot be found temporarily, it exists and it may come back. But when a product leaves the market forever, we can take the answer, yes, first Edge Knives may be out of Business. But, don’t worry, you will get far better knives with more features less than the price of a first edge knife.

Did Edge Knives try to survive?

The direct answer is yes, they did. This is why they FirstEdge formed a partnership with the US Special Forces. The first edge knives were then used in training and deployment. Besides, due to its outstanding features, durability, designs, and sturdiness, the US military special force agreed to make a partnership. But unfortunately, the partnership was broken later on. The FirstEdge tried to hold any straw they found near them or tried to catch any opportunity to continue their survival. Such a tragedy!

Our Analysis on What Happened to First Edge Knives

The First Edge Knives were one of the best knives in the 1980s and 1990s. The popularity was deemed later due to the creator’s mistakes though he wanted to make it handier, portable, versatile, multi-tasking, sharp, and high-quality. If the popularity became at its peak, when was First Edge Knives created? Well, in the 1880s, the First Edge Knife was created. Though the first intention to make the knife was general like cutting wood, nuts, vegetables, and others but later on, it was made for higher purposes such as hunting, camping, skinning off, military use, fighting, and so many areas.

Before reaching this para, you have already read the First Edge Knives’s history, right? Then you might be clear about why they could not survive in the marketplace.

They have made many survival amazing knives but, truth be told, First Edge Knives couldn’t survive themselves.

So, Why First Edge Knives drowned?

After analyzing what we found are:

  1. The First Edge Knives were overpriced
  2. Intense competition in the market
  3. Wrong business strategy
  4. FirstEdge couldn’t adjust with time
  5. Unable to manufacture what consumers demanded

These points are directly involved to extinct the company. There are many glaring examples in history that they had a downfall for not pacing up the time. A bright example is Nokia.

Nokia Company couldn’t or didn’t pace up with others like Samsung, Apple, Motorola, or others. This is why, when the touch screen phones were launched in the market by the other companies, Nokia was far behind them. Once Nokia had a lion’s share in the market.

Another example is Fuji. They were the first class camera film manufacturer. But what are they now? Other brands I mean digital cameras have surpassed the market and they were not farsighted then. If they were, they could take steps to make digital cameras then and could still grab the market in their grasps.

So, what we learned is striding up with time is essential to survive.

Final Thoughts

Survival in the market with poor strategies and unbeatable competition is important. When no strategy works for any organization, it seems they are wrapping up. So what do you think about what happened to first edge knives? This is still a big question. All of our analysis and thoughts have been frankly expressed and now is the time you play your role by expressing your thoughts to us. If you anyhow have any more reasons or strong points on it, you can reach out to us. We will be glad. Stay with us and support us as well to encourage us to write more important articles. If you have any recommendations, you are welcome to let us know.

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